Coffee Enema Kit – complete with detailed instructions and coffee



Coffee enemas are far from being a new idea. The entire coffee enema process germinated in the 1920s when German scientists found a nondescript caffeine solution could, in fact, dilate the bile ducts and stimulate the production of bile in the liver of experimental animals. Then, in the 1940s during WWII, a nurse used the left over brewed coffee in an enema for a soldier prior to his surgery, as it was the only warm liquid she could find. Water enemas had been around for a long time and were routinely given for pain relief when no other painkillers were available. But this was the first documented use of coffee enema.

Because we live in such a toxic world, the amount of contaminants in our bodies is greater than ever before. Consequently, we are more prone to disease. A coffee enemas, or colonic irrigation with coffee, is known to be extremely beneficial for detoxifying the body, particular when used in conjunction with a detox program that is high in nutritional support. An increase of energy is a major benefit that is well received by people who have experienced low energy and fatigue due to chronic diseases and general unwellness. The coffee enema also assists in elimination by bowel cleansing.

This kit folds up easily for travelling and comes with an instructional booklet and enough certified organic coffee for 10 enemas. 

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2 Responses to Coffee Enema Kit – complete with detailed instructions and coffee

  1. Emma says:

    In the coffee enema kit, I was just wondering how much the packet of coffee weighs?

    • Janine says:

      Hi Emma, the coffee supplied weighs 120grams this will do approx 10 enemas.
      Thanks Janine

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